12 April 2011

My Nerdy Dream

I have a super nerdy dream. It came to me over a year ago when I was reading Ulysses (Joyce) for class. Studying Ulysses was basically the purpose of the whole class; I spent hours reading each chapter, deciphering the foreign languages, metaphors, and links to the original, The Odyssey. I spent more time in that book - reading, writing, researching - than any book prior, I'm sure. And I had this need to share it. 

Enter: Dream

I wanted to share Ulysses, and all books, with a lover.  I wanted the man I would marry to love books as I do. I want overflowing bookcases. I want the books to be worn out, loved, written in. I want to read his books and see what he thinks, write my own comments alongside his. 

I guess, in my nerdy yet romantic way, I want these books to be the love letters I leave my children.

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