03 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my home! 

First, we have the living room:

Next we have the kitchen: 

The bathroom: 

The Library: 

  (No, we do not have too many books!)

And last, the bedroom! 



Natty R.. said...

How wonderful! It's so cute and homey! Is that red bed mine? ;) I get to sleep with the books? Yes please. Best boyfriend ever.

Jayme said...

Yup! All for your! And a nice accordion door too!

Natty R.. said...

Accordion door?? What more could a girl possibly want out of life???

P.S. You'll always beat out my one true love, Chris Brown...cuz although I'd make babies with his dance moves, he's still just TOO crazy. And you keep me from being too crazy. Win Win. :)