26 May 2012

Hong Kong Island

Friday's rainy view!
We had dim sum for brunch. It was super crowded, possibly because of the heavy rain. It was delicious! And I ate everything -- with chopsticks!! 
King's Yellow Bun -- My favorite! 
That day we headed onto Hong Kong Island and did some shopping on Ladies Street. It was still raining but fun. I got some great stuff & Cass did a great job bartering!

A super tall LDS church building in HK. There's a ward that meets here 
which has sacrament services every day of the week in order to accommodate
the folks who all have different days of the week as their day off.  
The Trolley
That evening we rode the World Famous Star Ferry! From the other side, we were able to see the awesome skyline. 
World Famous Star Ferry
On the Star Ferry!
The Clock Tower
formerly tallest building in the world
current tallest building - hidden by the clouds!


Tenika Dennis said...

I feel dumb for not knowing what dim sum is. I'm now going to google it.

Jayme Swallow said...

I didn't either, but it's delicious!