05 August 2012

Swallow Family Reunion

Yes, my dear sweet readers, that picture was taken yesterday.
Although, to be fair, I shouldn't delude you into thinking it's snow. 
It's just hail!

Yesterday, Cass and I headed up Cedar Canyon for the Swallow family reunion. It's Swallows from Cass's great-grandparents down, so there were some folks I hadn't met before. Everyone was really nice and it was great to meet and spend time with everyone. The Fillmore cousins came down, too, so it was great to see their familiar faces!  
Cass left my camera in the car, though, and then it was raining, so I didn't get any pictures.  But despite the rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and short power outages, 
 it was a nice afternoon. In fact, the lightning was pretty cool to see! 

Sheri, one of Morrell's cousins, is the family historian. She put together some packets with stories and information about some of the ancestors. She told us a few of the stories and her mom, LaDawn, passed around an old silver teacup. It was really neat to hear some of the Swallow family history and it's a great asset to have those packets in our home. It inspired me to do a little more research into my side of the family, but that might be short-lived . . . 

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