08 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

So I've been kind of a slacker blogger lately! With school starting and then this stupid cold, 
I haven't felt much motivation to do anything!! 

Last weekend I went up to visit my parents; I was homesick for my mom and Jordyn! She's my best little bud. As soon as I got up to Mapleton on Friday, it was time to go to the football game. Ammon and his fellow Eagles crushed Payson, but I sure wasn't counting on the cold and the wind! Good thing Mom was prepared enough for both of us! 

Saturday Dad wanted to see a movie, so we went to the discount theater and saw Madagascar 3. Meh.
It was okay, but nothing special. Definitely a series movie & a discount theater see. Jordyn really liked it though, so I guess that's what counts! We spent most of the rest of the day watching Ammon's favorite show, Pretty Little Liars (yes, my brothers love gossipy girl shows. It's okay. We all do), and hanging out. Jordyn loves sister time!

Jordyn had also been wanting to watch Newsies, so we started watching that on Sunday evening. She didn't quite have the attention span to watch it straight through, and we didn't finish it, but she loved "I'm the King of New York." 

Monday was more family time. We ate at Pizza Pie *yum!* and did some pretend shopping. Then I headed back to Cedar before it got dark. We had a great little weekend visit!

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Tenika Dennis said...

I'm glad you got to have a fun time with your family!