05 May 2011

In case you forgot . . .

I'm a complete nerd. I am completely fascinated with the history of the British Monarchy. I love King Henry VIII. I love Anne Boleyn.

I even love Mary, Elizabeth, and Mary Queen of Scots. And I super love, albeit mainly from pity, Lady Jane Grey the nine days queen. Her story is tragic.As you can see, I love history, especially historical fiction. (shout out to Philippa Gregory! I actually spent part of this weekend's drive to Cedar listening to a podcast of hers on Henry and his women, in addition to one by Allison Weir)

And now, I love The King's Speech and George VI. (I'm also super grateful that his brother abdicated. Both he and Wallace Simpson were Nazi lovers) I really found this film to be absolutely brilliant. I'm not well read on George VI but I still enjoyed the movie a lot. Now, I have to be honest. I have a problem with this movie being rated R, insofar as many R rated movie ARE complete smut! I mean, look at movies like The Hangover or Pineapple Express. Those movies do not interest me at all, on any level. And to give them and The King's Speech and equal "badness" rating is completely beyond me.

So there you have it. I'm a nerd. You know, just in case you forgot. 

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