24 October 2011

My Family Came to Visit

This past week was UEA, so my parents and siblings (minus Jenn and Adam, who had school, and obviously Elder Stone :)) came to Cedar to visit. They rolled into town Thursday afternoon. We just hung out  that afternoon and went to the Hong Kong Buffet for dinner. As always, it was delicious. I love me some Chinese food! After dinner I went over to their hotel to swim (Cass stayed here to do homework). Jordyn was a chicken at first, but then she warmed up.

Friday Cass still had class, so my mom and I planned for our activities to stay local, thinking we could go to St George and on our hike on Saturday. So we went to the Iron Mission Museum that morning. Dad thought it was super cool. Jordyn liked the Shakespeare exhibit and dressing up. Ammon and Matthew just liked the candy from the gift shop. Next we headed up to Park Discovery so Jordyn could play. She had a blast-- and Ammon even played on the tire swing! That afternoon we saw Footloose. I thought it was great. The dancing was awesome. Oh I miss it!

That night we all went to Mexican and then back to the pool. Cass came and Ammon even came down to the pool for a little bit.

Saturday we were supposed to go to St George and to the Lava Tubes, but my parents' van was being a butt, so they decided it would be better to just head back to Mapleton. Good thing they did -- the engine burned up and died in Nephi!

It was great to have my family come down and visit! Love you guys! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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Tenika Dennis said...

Wow, that feels like my weekend! My family came up to visit except Devin who had school. Tyler still had school and did homework and our truck overheated so we had to fix it. ha ha. Glad you had a good time with your family!!!