10 October 2011

Why Should I Worry?

I am a very worrisome person. I worry about everything. I always worry about getting fired -- regardless of my job. All my jobs ever, I've been paranoid about being fired. Even if/when I'm awesome at my job. And it's really annoying, because it makes me worse at my job. So why do I worry about it all the time? Why can't I just have self-confidence and be a normal person? I just can't figure it out, or make it better.

And now a slightly irrelevant vid including the song title! 

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Tenika Dennis said...

I'm a worrier too! I always have to remind myself that just because bad things COULD happen doesn't mean they WILL. Sometimes it helps me just to remember all the times that my worrying was wrong...you know, like all the times you haven't been fired from jobs. When you worry about something that you logically know you shouldn't worry about, tell yourself why it isn't a logical worry and then work to push it out of your mind. Good luck!