16 February 2012

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

I have a secret crush on the South. And Fannie Flagg totally indulges me. Plus she's so . . . is quaint the right word? But I always feel like I'm reading books from before my time, but they're actually fairly current. For example, Can't Wait to Get to Heaven was published in 2006! 

Elner Shimfissle is an older lady, widowed by now, picking figs from up in a tree, when she is attacked by a swarm of bees and falls. This fall of Elner's, the subsequent rush to the hospital, and the state of Elner's health, or lack thereof, affects everyone in her family and many in her town. Can't Wait to Get to Heaven shows us just how short life can be, and how important each and every moment is. It's a pretty cute book. 

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