06 February 2012

Sisterhood Everlasting

I'm sure most of you have read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I was about 13-14 when it came out and was the perfect age. Well, at the library, about a month or so ago, I unknowingly picked up the last book of the series. When I realized it was the last book, I decided to read it even though I hadn't read the in-between-ers.  They turned out to be completely unnecessary to this story. And for the most part, I really liked Sisterhood Everlasting.  I thought it was a good conclusion to the Sisterhood and wrapped everything up nicely. I generally like friendship books [not to be mistaken for clique books!]. My main concern while reading it was that it was marketed as a young adult novel. First off, the characters are in their late twenties. They live the lives of grown ups. It's not exactly YA material. Which leads into my second concern: the content. When I think of 11-year-old me reading YA books, I wouldn't want me to read it. There were just a few things that were too sexy and explicit for my taste. There is also talk of suicide, which may also be a little too strong for some younger girls. As an adult book, I didn't find it inappropriate. And overall, I did like Sisterhood Everlasting. There wasn't anything terribly connected to the other books and I feel like it could stand alone. This was an easy read and, while not necessarily fantastic, I do give it a medium recommendation. Read on! 

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