16 November 2012

It's a Girl!

awwwww . . . isn't my child an adorable little thumb sucker? 

We went and got the ultrasound done on Monday afternoon. I had a feeling, not super strong but still there, that it would be a girl. Cassidy had no predictions either way, but thought I was being ridiculous in thinking it was a girl. Well, I may be ridiculous but I was right! 

We skyped with our families that night and everyone is way excited for our baby girl!

Now, if you're not into alien-esque fetus photos, feel free to leave now. 
But I just think my alien is adorable! 


Ashley Rose said...

WHAT the..??!! How did I not know that you're pregnant!? Or is this the first time you've talked about it? Congratulations!!

Tenika Dennis said...

Is it crazy that I was thinking just this morning, "I wonder when Jayme will find out what she's having. I'm betting it's a girl."? Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! And I love that you put a bow in the ultrasound picture. Adorable!

Jayme said...

@Ashley, thanks! I think I "came out" around when Eva was born, so that's probably how you missed it :)

@Tenika, Thanks!