26 November 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Cassidy and I had a great Thanksgiving Break. We took off Tuesday night after work, got about to Beaver, and Cassidy realized he forgot the voucher for the GRE. Without the voucher, he wouldn't be able to take the test. So we ate at DQ and headed back to Cedar, grabbed the voucher, and got started all over again! Luckily, Cass stayed awake and alert the whole time and we made it to South Jordan safe and sound! 

Wednesday morning, Cass took the GRE and I met my mom and siblings at the new outlets in Lehi. I was hoping to find lots of deals on both baby and adult clothing, but the baby stores didn't really have anything for that good of a deal. Luckily for me, I had gift cards and a coupon for Gap, so I got me and Cass some cute new outfits. After shopping, I headed back up to South Jordan to meet up with Cass and hang out with the McCoys. A lot of the cousins came and it was good to see everyone.  

Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, and we spent the day at my parents' house with all the Stones, Johnsons, Ainges, and Borens. Cassidy's dad and grandma were able to come down and join us, too. It was so great to have everyone together. Too bad the family is getting so big we have to have two tables! But it was good food & a good time! 

On Friday, we went to the Living Planet Aquarium with my family. I hadn't been since it was at the Gateway. It was neat to see how much they've grown, plus I liked looking at all the animals. I'll post more later with pictures :)  That night we headed back to the McCoys for hair night and leftovers. More cousins came and they all loved playing with Cassidy!

Saturday morning we met up with Dylan and Morrell at Golden Corral. Turns out they have a breakfast buffet, which was great (read: they had biscuits and gravy!!). We stuffed ourselves (sort of the theme of the weekend!) and had a good visit. Afterwards we headed up to Chris's house to visit & play with Pyper, who was very excited to see us! That night we went ice skating with almost the whole clan, everyone but Dylan, and I'll post pictures of that later too. 

We had a great break and are so grateful for our wonderful families! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

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