02 July 2012

Girl Time!

This past week my mom and sisters came down to visit, and this is the only picture I got!

Ammon had football camp down here at SUU, and my mom, being the good chauffeur that she is, drove Am & his friends down to Cedar. Jenn and Jordyn came along for the ride so we could have a little girls vacation! 

They got down here Sunday night. Jordyn was super hyper after the car drive and all she wanted to do was run around! Jord  slept on our couch that night, probably so she could have poptarts for breakfast :) 

Monday morning Jord and I headed over to the hotel & we played in the pool with Jenn.  Mom just hid in the shade. After Cass got off work, we all went to the theater to see Brave. It was a cute movie. Not what I was expecting from the commercials, but I liked it.  Jordyn, of course, LOVED it! After dinner we went back to the hotel to play in the pool again. We practically had to force Jord out of the pool when we got cold! 

Tuesday we went down to St George to do some shopping. Mom got some really good deals on clothes for Jord and some non-gender specific baby clothes. Gap was 40% off on top of them already being marked down, so I was able to get Cass some jeans without holes in them! Yay!

Wednesday we went to Park Discovery so Jordyn could play and then headed back to the pool that afternoon. Jordyn even got brave and quit requiring her floaty! After dinner we had a little nail painting party & then Mom made funnel cakes. Delicious! 

It was great to have some girl time & I loved having my mom and sisters down to visit! We had a great time! 


Beth said...

I love how we post the same thing at the same time!

Jayme Swallow said...

We always do!

Tenika Dennis said...

Girl time is the best...I'm glad you got some!