21 July 2012

Whitaker Visit!

Because of Cass's job duties this summer, it's been hard for him to get out of Cedar. So a few days after I got back from Darci's wedding weekend, Chris, Nathan, Pyper, and Dylan came down to visit us! Dylan is a just a *teeny* bit of a workaholic, so they came down Tuesday after he got done at work. Wednesday we played at the park and had Cass give us a tour of campus. That night Chris and Nathan went to Les Miserables at the Shakespeare Festival, so Dylan and Pyper came to chill with us. Luckily for Cass, Pyper wanted to watch his favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon. After that, Cass picked The Borrowers, which I didn't think I had watched but it felt super familiar. Plus I just love John Goodman, even when he's the evil villain! And Hugh Laurie! So young! And, apparently, it's a great flick for Harry Potter fans: Arthur Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and somebody named Slughorn are also in The Borrowers.

On Thursday we went to the Parowan Gap to look at the petroglyphs. Some people think they're just old graffiti, but I thought they were super neat! 

the "zipper 'glyph"

"I'm king of the rock!!"

Pyper by the 'glyphs

Dylan in his cave

After our field trip to Parowan Gap, we went to the res. Who knew that Cedar City had a res?

Dylan went further out than anyone else

Pyper had a blast playing in the water!
We loved having the Whitakers (and Dylan!) come and visit!
You're welcome to visit any time! 

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