22 July 2012


Since we were already up north for Michael's homecoming, we made plans to see Morrell 
and Carma on Monday night for dinner. We ate at Z'Tejas and it was delicious! And then, since we were already that far up north, we figured we could meet up with Cass's
friend Forbes. We decided to to meet at Trafalga, and since it's only in Lehi, Cass thought we
should invite Jordyn, because it's so much more fun with a kid! Jordyn thought it was a
great idea, too, and had a blast playing with us!
(and I just used "since" waaaaay too many times in this paragraph!)

We raced go-carts, played mini-golf while we got to catch up with Forbes and Jenni. We had a great time, even though we all suck at mini-golf. But I did beat Forbes at the go-carts, or, at least, run into him and almost pass him, so we had a fun day!

we raced in the batmobile go-cart

"I'm Doctor Gregory House!"

trying really hard to get the balls in the hole!

Forbes and Cass doing the same thing as the kiddos!

Jordyn just got a little nervous on the frog hopper,
 but she rode it three times!
The Forbes Family had to head back up north around four, but we stayed and played a little bit longer. We rode the go-carts again, went on the water-spraying boats, played some arcade games, and made a 10x return on our tokens for tickets, which we used to get "sticky hands." Jordyn's choice, obviously. I would have picked candy, but they didn't have anything good!

Jordyn almost always gets upset when I leave, especially when she doesn't know when I'm coming back up. So when we were getting read to leave my mom's house and head back to Cedar for who-knows-how-long, we had this little exchange:

"We had such a fun day today, don't ruin it by throwing a fit."
"Don't ruin it by leaving!"

I couldn't help but laugh, especially when she followed it with, "Ooooh, burn!"

We had a great day at Trafalga and loved playing with Jordyn and the Forbes Family!

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Tenika Dennis said...

Jordyn's comment=awesome! Hopefully you'll get to see your family again soon. :)