22 July 2012

Michael's Home!

My little brother Michael got home from his mission last week, and while we 
weren't able to make it to the airport, we came up the next day to spend
time with him & the family and attend his homecoming.

 After running some errands with everyone, we picked up Jordyn from Art Camp. 

Proud artiste Jordyn
We had a great weekend with Michael home and the whole family together! Two of our cousins, Whitney and Tara, trekked down from BYU-I for the fun. We hardly ever get to see each other, so it was great for them to come visit. We played lots of games (I royally lost at Five Crowns), ate lots of food, and spent lots of time just hanging out and catching up on Saturday.

Michael's talk on Sunday was really neat. He shared some great stories 
and I really felt the spirit! It was great to see some folks from the old 
neighborhood, too, who I don't ever get to see. Homecomings are the best!

And now, of course, for the pictures! 

Matthew, me, Whitney, Cassidy
the whole gang! 
crazy face!
Whitney & Jordyn "being puppies!"

We had such a good weekend and I loved seeing everybody!
Welcome home, Michael!