12 January 2012

Errors that Irk

Ya'll know how I'm a hater? 
Well, these are some of the errors that irk me!

~When people use apart when they mean a part.
Example: "I'm so glad you're apart of my life."
 [you're/your is also a problem, but eh]

~Over-correction of I instead of me.
Turns out that's not a picture of I with my friends.

~"Circus Ole"
Ya'll have hear it,
c'mon folks,
~Possessive apostrophes used when the noun is merely plural.
I've seen this, in a classroom--
"Good reader's: predict, infer . . ."

~When of is used instead of have. 
I know it's a problem. We all say could've, would've, should've,
I've even been caught with couldn't've. I know that's bad. But this is worse.
"We could of had it all."
NO! Never! Please! Stop!

~And my last irking error, for today, is not really an error, 
but truly a problem nonetheless. 
It's this whole "good v well" problem.
If you answer that you're well when someone has already said they're good-
you sound stuck up.
And sometimes it just gets confusing when to say it. But still.
You're good at something.
But you're feeling well.
Which really gets into the bad/poorly problem. . . 

Well, folks. Thanks for stickin with me through today's rant.
And, yes, "stickin" was on purpose.
Sometimes I'm a hick.
But really, I hope I didn't make any errors in this post!
That would be embarrassing.


Tenika Dennis said...

I can't stand it when people say, "EXspecially" instead of "especially". It drives me crazy. And when people write out "wa-la" or some such nonsense when I know what they are trying to say is the French word, "voila." If you can't use it right...don't use it!

Jenn and Adam said...

isn't it cirque DU?

Jayme said...

Ba you're totally right! I made sure to spell Cirque and Soleil right and totally messed that up! PS I SAW THEM THIS WEEKEND!! :P

Jenn and Adam said...

what! where in vegas?