21 January 2012

Why I Hate the Boys You Like (in books and sometimes movies)

Oft times, especially during the craze of a new book or movie, I hear other girls gossiping in fond admiration over the latest dreamboat. And all I can do is shake my head, because I don't like that dreamy sweetheart at all. In fact, I find him a little creepy, not romantic at all. As y'all probably know, I don't like Edward (Twilight), Ky (Matched, Crossed), or the movie-version of Noah (The Notebook, but only at the beginning).

They're romantic and sappy, but come off a little creepy if not stalker-y. It's kind of like when the boy you like does something and it's cute, but if a boy who likes you, who you don't like, does it, it's just creepy! Case in point: before Cass (in between Cass?) there was a boy. Looking back, not my best choice. Anyway, one day, he sent me a good morning text. And it pissed me off. Later, with Cass? The occasional good morning text was pleasant.

They're (generally) written by girl authors who have yet to learn how to write like a man.

(Not all authors do this! JK Rowling. Jodi Picoult. Suzanne Collins.)

I understand, it's hard. So don't do it.

Because of this, they act like boys think the same way girls think.
Ex: "I want to cover the tree in her name like I would cover her hand with mine."

I want a man -- not a girl in disguise. This makes me worry if maybe I won't like Jane Austen? But it's weird. I just find all these boys creepy! And the thing is, girls really like the boys like that in real life. Like the boys that tuck them into bed at night and give them a kiss on their forehead. Okay, I can see how that can be endearing. But it hits creepy when "he takes such good care of me!" means that you're not equals in your relationship. I get it. I like to be taken care of sometimes, too. But I also take care of Cass. We're adults and we're equals. And, most importantly, he doesn't watch me sleep at night. 

[also, can anyone tell me why there's a hundred spaces between each paragraph??]


Tenika Dennis said...

Seriously, how is a guy coming through your window and watching you sleep at night NOT creepy?!

P.S. If I'm reading this right...you've never read any Jane Austen? I do like her, and I don't like Twilight...if that helps at all...

Jayme said...

Nope. Never read Jane Austen :/