01 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

[oops, almost typed revolutions]

I'm not generally a New-Year's-Resolutions-Type
Probably because I never follow through on any of my goal
I kind of lack self motivation

Cass, on the other hand, is the resolution type
or maybe it's just cuz we're married now
& he thinks we should make some goals together

So we did!

1. Live A Healthier Lifestyle
we are super unhealthy.
So now we're trying to be more healthy.
Walks together
Less fatty food, more chicken and fish
And less eating out
also, we're going to try waking up at a reasonable hour
{it's really hard when your job doesn't start til 10:45}

 2. More Spiritual Lifestyle
we try hard, but our spirituality is often pushed aside
mostly because we're lazy
I'd say busy, but lazy is really the case

3. Do not get arrested 
     I stole this from a friend who includes goals they're sure to fulfill. 
I figured I'd like to at least accomplish one goal :)
So this year, we resolve to these
-No Drug trafficking
-No money laundering
-No public urination or other sex offenses
-No importing of illegal goods or bads

I thought maybe I should have some goals for myself, too
In accordance with a Healthier Lifestyle-
I want to dance more with my dance classes
Mostly this means stretching and conditioning
Hello sit ups, butt ups, and more!

My other goal is in regard to my Books-
I have a bunch of friends with goals about reading books
That's not really a problem for me (if you hadn't noticed)
but I would like to work on [a] reading the books I have
aka not buying new ones
[b]  reading books on my own level.
ya'll know I love YA books

So those are my goals for the new year. 
Wish me luck!

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Tenika Dennis said...

Those are seriously good goals! Best of luck on following through. Keep us updated on your progress... accountability makes it soooo much easier to follow through! By the way, hubs and I are working on our lifestyle as well and use myfitnesspal.com. It makes us accountable, which is super helpful!